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Rene D’Ath

Our Brisbane office is losing its token Kiwi. Back to New Zealand for Rene D’Ath and it’s not because he is a really bad loser when it comes to cricket, OSD has some exciting projects happening over in New Zealand, so after 3 and half years in lovely Brisbane Rene is heading back to where it all started in our New Plymouth office.

A brief overview of your time with OSD
Just over 5 years with OSD. Started as General Manager New Zealand and established the business there in conjunction with Derek Coombe who opened the office prior to my starting.
Relocated to Australia as General Manager of Asset Services and focussed on the provision of pipeline operations services in Australia and New Zealand.
Specific areas of attention
• Pipeline right of way management
• Pipeline integrity
• Regulatory processes and systems
• Integrity data review and assessment with the aim of providing clients with informed decisions about where to spend their maintenance budgets

How long have you been working in the Brisbane office?
Working in Brisbane office for 3.5 years
What has been the best part about living in Australia?
• Rugby World cup result.
• Occasional cricket result going NZ’s way.
• Opportunity to get to a few sporting events.
• Wildlife, barbies, and decent weather.
• Spent lots of time wandering around the hills, countryside and beaches in Queensland.
• To be honest…and don’t tell the kiwis, I enjoy the Aussie culture (which is pretty much the same as NZ anyway) and the excellent trans-Tasman rivalry over everything from sport, accents (Kiwis don’t have one) to who made the first Pavlova….not that we really give a damn.

What lies ahead for you in New Zealand?
There are some exciting opportunities on the back of some recent alliances in New Zealand. We are hoping to establish a multi-disciplined engineering division during the next 12 months and are currently working on how this may best be developed.
The team we have established in New Zealand has been carefully selected on their culture and technical fit. We have a fantastic team environment in the New Zealand office. An example of the skills and reputation in the New Zealand team has been the recent award of high-end pipeline isolation technology projects due to having in-house expertise.
It will be nice to get back to family and New Zealand friends but Kathy and I will miss the great friends we have made over this side of the Tasman and will be back frequently to see everyone.

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Jay Higgins_MOP_website

Jay Higgins

Jay is the Business Manager for the Northern Territory (NT) and has been with OSD for just over a year. Some of his key business activities include project management, pipeline management systems implementation, technical documentation development, Asset Management Plan (AMP) development and contractor’s liasion.

What are some of the best things about your role?
Starting an OSD Office in the NT brings diversity, challenges and involves remote travel, all of which I really enjoy.

Why were you attracted to working for OSD initially?
The Company looked like it was in a growing market, and was well respected.

Has it lived up to your expectations?
Yes, for sure.

How does the OSD Way contribute to your experience working here?
It’s a simple approach and a reminder of how we need to operate on a daily basis.

Murray Hooper_MOP_Website

Murray Hooper

Murray is a project manager for small to medium projects, working both out in the field and in the office. Due to the size of projects, Murray has to wear several hats to make the process streamlined and efficient. For example, his current work on West Angelas consumer project requires Murray to be the project manager, construction manager, commissioning manager and supervising gas fitter.

What are some of the best things about your role?
The satisfaction from taking a challenging project to completion, while working with good people.

Why were you attracted to working for OSD initially?
I originally started here on a short-term contract to commission a pipeline, and nearly 5 years later I’m still here…

Has it lived up to your expectations?
Yes, definitely.

How does the OSD Way contribute to your experience working here?
I enjoy the work and lifestyle balance; if you put in the hard yards you get rewarded.




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