OSD provides engineering and project management services for water pipelines, water treatment / disposal systems, and water pipeline facilities.

We apply these skills to the design and project management of water separation and transfer associated with slurry pipeline developments, water treatment disposal from oil and gas facilities, and designing and developing water gathering and treatment systems for CSG projects.

OSD undertakes water pipeline infrastructure for small and large water transmission systems, as well as for the design of water outfall projects associated with major mining developments.

We cater for a diverse client base, including water infrastructure developers, mining companies, CSG producers, oil and gas producers, and more.

OSD provides a broad scope of services for water pipeline projects. We can design and provide management services for all types of water pipelines (lined steel, GRE, HDPE, etc) and offer solutions that ensure the most economically viable and suitable water pipeline systems are implemented.

Specific OSD services for water pipelines include hydraulic analysis, pipe size optimisation, material selection, engineering studies and design, project cost estimates, water pipeline route selection, and associated land management services.

We also design and manage the construction of water pipeline facilities, including pump station selection and design and balance tank systems.

Our scope of services for water facilities also includes SCADA, control systems, water treatment systems, operations and maintenance manuals, technical audits, and more.

Material selection remains one of the major challenges in the design and operation of water systems. OSD has reviewed material options for oily water, sour water, brackish, saline, and potable systems. We are always seeking ways to optimise the pipeline design within the key project criteria, such as project life and capital optimisation.

Our procurement personnel are also able to source pipeline materials from our extensive range of global suppliers.

Recent projects undertaken by OSD include:

Client Project
APLNG CSG Water Project Team embedded in Client Organisation
APLNG Permeate Reinjection System – Detail design of 20 well network and   injection skids
APLNG FRIP Water to Landowners Pipeline – Detail Design
APLNG Permeate Water Pipeline from Talinga RO Plant – Design Services
APLNG Water Pump Station – Owners Team Engineering Review
Solar Dawn CSG Produced Water Pipeline – FEED Design for Cooling Water Delivery
Tarong Energy Water Transmission Pipeline – Concept and FEED Design for Cooling Water   Delivery